Live Streaming

Silverstream TV are world leaders in live video streaming.  We bring events to a new online audience anywhere in the world, using wireless linked cameras, radio talkback, live vision mixing, encoding and streaming. We make adding a live stream to your website easy, by creating an iframe code that you can drop into your page. We're always pushing the boundaries of the technology to bring you an even better service.

Among the events we've streamed live are the Olympic Torch Relay, the Press Awards, Toy Fair TV, the Trust Women Conference and Marketing Week Live.

Our state of the art technology can either work independently or as part of our high definition outside broadcast truck. It has been specifically designed for internet broadcasting. It can handle up to twelve cameras and is equipped with vision and sound mixers, recording/editing/playback and can broadcast from virtually anywhere. 

The truck has a full length camera platform on the roof which can support up to six people and equipment. It provides agrandstand view and is ideal for live presentation, commentary and camera positions.

Up to six people can be seated inside the truck but in a typical scenario we need only two. These would be the director who will vision and sound mix and a video editor who also looks after video record/replay and the streaming encoders. For complex and demanding productions there are separate sound, graphics and producer positions. The vehicle can be powered from a domestic mains supply, its own generator, it's engine or the on-board silent battery back-up system which lasts up to three hours between charges.

Using state of the art hard drive/solid state recording and editing software, we offer a tapeless workflow. Cameras can be individually recorded to solid state media and the main output of the truck can be edited whilst still recording. The edited clips are instantly available for replay making the truck ideal for live events, conferences, festivals, sports and where material needs to be turned around quickly for video on demand.

Using DSL, SDSL and the latest VSAT satellite technology we offer uncontended streaming at a choice of bit rates and formats to either Silverstream TV’s CDN or one of your choice. We can even stream live using 3G.

We regularly supply and work with big screens at indoor and outdoor events events whilst simultaneously streaming live to the internet and mobile devices.