Don't self-isolate your brand!

Don't self-isolate your brand

Your event may have been postponed, but you still have clients hungry for the industry knowledge, tips and interaction. We can help you feed that hunger while keeping your event and brand in their minds.

If we have filmed at your event recently, we’ll have enough content to keep your marketing channels busy throughout the shutdown. By pushing your messages out as live content on social media we can let them know that you’re alive and kicking and thinking of them.

We don't need live content to create a live social media event. Our team of video creatives can take your existing content, add in new messaging and use our streaming platform to build a live event without the need for anyone to travel. We can even include new messages from you and your staff working remotely. Our chat app will enable your clients to ask questions and discuss with each other.

We know nothing will replace the impact of face to face networking. But your content and key messages don't need to get lost in the uncharted waters that is COVID-19.

Social Clips

We can help you produce shareable, captivating marketing content to help you keep in touch with your customers.Your videos can be tailored to the recommended size of any channel. We will work with you to find the content that is eye-catching and newsworthy.

Time for a refresh?

Is this the perfect time to give your company videos some TLC? Do your training videos need an update?