Video at the Speed of Twitter

Maximise the impact of your event’s key moments with our quick turnaround editing services.

Video in an instant

Timing is everything in live events. Social media enables you to share your key moments instantly and your video strategy should make the most of it.

Video at the Speed of Twitter delivers quality video content to social media and screens within minutes of it taking place. Our on-site video production team will work to create a series of short, snappy video clips for instant sharing.

It's ideal for award ceremonies, concerts, or any event with stand-out moments you want to share immediately with your audience.

For Award Ceremonies

Share winner announcements online before the winner has even returned to their seat. It enhances exposure for sponsors, winners, and the awards itself.

We'll also produce a highlights video for screen by the end of the event so your audience can relive all the best moments.

For Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Create periodic videos for your screens, website, email campaigns and social media to maintain interaction and encourage visitors to attend on further days.

At Festivals and Concerts

Regularly share backstage interviews, performance clips, daily highlights and more throughout the event – keeping your content fresh and your engagement high

To find out more about our unique Video at the Speed of Twitter service, contact us today.