Hybrid & Virtual Events

Hybrid production gives you access to big name speakers and a global online audience

"The live capture and mapping technology used by our partners Silverstream worked seamlessly. The feedback has been exceptional."
Chris Corderoy, Chief Technical Office, New Scientist

Virtual production finds new audiences that can stay with your event as it moves back in-person.

During the COVID emergency, we have enabled organisers to continue to run live events and conferences. ConferenceStream Virtual and Hybrid Events use our remote event production technology to create high quality virtual events so people around the world can watch your content live or on demand. 

Using our remote event production technology we can bring your presenters into your event from anywhere in the world and stream them live or as part of a pre-recorded live event. 

By streaming live you can create some of the buzz of a face-2-face event, while adhering to the social distancing rules. By being online you can reach a much bigger audience anywhere in the world.

Our chatroom facility can run alongside the video content, so your audience can ask questions and discuss the content among themselves.   It gives them some of the professional interaction that we’re all missing.

Remote event production gallery live streaming a virtual event

Panel debates in the cloud

We can run panel discussions or interactive debates, either live or as video on demand. Each contributor is streamed live from their home. They're able to hear everyone else on the panel.    

We have experience in streaming live into all the major event platforms such as Hopin, Swapcard, Grip and Totem.

Hyrbid Events

As live events restart some elements are happening in-person.   But we can still bring in remote speakers who are not able to travel to your event. We can also stream the whole event to your new online audience. 

The lasting legacy of the pandemic is that events have connected to a much bigger audience online. They've been able to attract a higher caliber of speaker. Through hybrid production, your event can reach more people than ever before. 

Experience has shown us that social media platforms love live content, so they promote it above other types of content. 

Hybrid production remote speakers and in-person presenters

#StreamTeam Top Tips:

    • Do it live or as-live – audiences are attracted to live events and love being able to interact
    • Harness your existing content – don’t be afraid to add new messages to existing content
    • Bring your exhibitor and sponsor with you – their needs are still the same and you can help them
    • Get your audience engaged – they want to get involved, don’t leave them isolated
We live stream the National Trust AGM with live chatroom

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