Virtual Event Production

"The live capture and mapping technology used by our partners Silverstream worked seamlessly. The feedback has been exceptional."
Chris Corderoy, Chief Technical Office, New Scientist

Make your event unmissable! 

Event organisers across the globe have needed to turn their physical events into virtual events. Silverstream’s remote event production technology has allowed event professionals to create high quality live streams so that people around the world can watch, learn and share their ideas from the comfort and safety of their office.

Live streaming creates some of the buzz of face-to-face events and can reach a much bigger audience anywhere in the world. We can run single speaker powerpoint presentations, panel discussions and any sponsored content into multiple streams. Our chatroom facility can run alongside video content for speaker Q&As and can create interactive debates to give some of the professional interaction that we have been missing.

We can help you direct traffic to your website by embedding your live stream directly onto your page, alongside our chat feature. Alternatively, we can live stream to all major event platforms such as Hopin, Swapcard, Grip and Totem.

The Process

We need as much information as possible when you first get in touch in order to provide you with a bespoke quote for your production. We believe there is no set rule when it comes to a virtual event and we want to work with you to make sure the production mirrors your expectations and values.

Remote event production gallery live streaming a virtual event

Pre Production

Once you have put your seminar schedule together, your producer will start to arrange the process from our side. In order to provide a seamless live stream, we encourage speakers and hosts to be tech tested by our in-house technicians, to assess internet, video and audio quality. You may also want to consider pre recording some single speaker sessions for the vision mixers to play out live. Asset Creation is a key part of planning as it can transform the look and feel of your live stream, you can create this yourself or our creative department can work with your existing branding and guidelines.

Video On Demand (VOD)

The great advantage of having key industry players speak at your virtual conference is turning the content into a video on demand service that will allow your audience to catch up or recap on the latest industry news. We are really passionate about giving you content that can run 365 days a year. You can choose for this to be done on the day of the event, or release the videos a short while after, to keep the buzz going for as long as possible.

Hybrid production remote speakers and in-person presenters

#StreamTeam Top Tips:

    • Do it live or as-live – audiences are attracted to live events and love being able to interact
    • Harness your existing content – don’t be afraid to add new messages to existing content
    • Bring your exhibitor and sponsor with you – their needs are still the same and you can help them
    • Get your audience engaged – they want to get involved, don’t leave them isolated
We live stream the National Trust AGM with live chatroom