Event TV - Live Video Production

Bring your event to life and increase your impact with a live channel of engaging video content.

"It brought life to the event and added some great content." - Nathan Garnett - Show Director, UK Construction Week

Bring your event to life

Event TV delivers an up to the minute experience for your attendees by creating a live content channel online and at the venue. It's the ultimate way to increase your buzz, enhance visitor and exhibitor engagement and reach a much wider audience.

Event TV live video

Event TV features

  • Live broadcasting to screens and online
  • Professional presenters hosting the channel
  • Quick turnaround video including daily highlights and social media clips
  • Live event information including event scheduling and a SocialWall
  • Advertising and sponsorship opportunities


Event TV is a valuable opportunity for sponsors to boost visibility and gain long-term marketing content. It’s the ultimate platform for brands to communicate their message at your event.

Talk to us about the variety of sponsorship options we can provide.

Broadcast Studio

Event TV can be portable, or also work as part of our broadcast truck, which has been specifically designed for online broadcast and is equipped with vision and sound mixers and a full edit suite, allowing us to broadcast from virtually anywhere.

It provides a 'live studio' on the show-floor at the venue – an exciting feature where live interviews and discussions can be conducted.


Your content needs to be seen, so give it the impact it deserves. We can offer our own 3.9mm Indoor LED Impact Screen, available in a range of bespoke shapes and sizes, to give your event that extra wow factor.

We can also supply a network of TV screens that can be placed around your event space, maximising your exposure. Find out more

Video Content

We'll deliver a full series of videos which span the event, whether it's pre-show teasers, daily highlights or long term marketing videos. This gives you a full range of content to use in your marketing, building and maintaining interest before, during and post-event.

“Within 30 seconds of us appearing on there, we had two or three people come up to say they’d seen us on the screen, seen some of the products, and were very interested to learn a bit more" -Exhibitor

Exhibitors tell us how featuring on Event TV has helped increase their stand visitors

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