Hybrid Event Production

"It is absolutely certain that our live events in the future will contain hybrid elements" - Paul Finch, World Architecture Festival

Using our years of broadcast production experience, including experience with virtual event platforms, Silverstream TV has been able to deliver hundreds of high quality streams for events that would otherwise be unable to take place. Using everything we know about physical and virtual events, we have designed our hybrid service to allow the benefits of virtual to continue as we move back on site.

We can bring in speakers and audience members from all over the world and continue to help organisers serve their new-found global online audience.

Want to connect your physical event to a virtual audience? 

Using our live streaming technology we can broadcast your onsite speakers to your online audience. We have developed our own no-nonsense platform that plugs into your show website to allow you to keep control of your audience, content and data. Our platform will allow the virtual audience to connect via our chat function. 

How can you give your audience a content rich programme?

Our system can allow you to bring in remote speakers live on stage from the comfort of their home or office. This opens up doors to reach speakers that may not have had the time to travel to your event for limited time slot. This mirrors the process of having a speaker on stage as the host and audience can have two way communication with the virtual contributer. 

How does it work?

We send a small minimal on-site team to the venue to rig the equipment there - making use of technology such as remote controlled robotic cameras where possible.

From Silverstream HQ we can take in simultaneous contributions from hundreds of remote speakers without the need for them to travel as well as high quality broadcast feeds from a studio set or conference.

Why us?

We test and troubleshoot each remote participant's connection, webcam and audio before the live appearance to ensure the highest quality result on the day.

We take pride in the fact that we will tailor each package to your needs and you will have a dedicated project manager who will work with you to discover the best service for you.

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