Hybrid Events

Looking forward to the future of events

Hybrid Event bridges the divide between virtual and physical events as a lower risk, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional conferences, exhibitions and awards.

2020 was a challenging year for many and the events industry was faced with a sudden shift to virtual events. Using our years of broadcast production experience, including experience with virtual event platforms Silverstream TV was able to deliver hundreds of high quality streams for events that would otherwise be unable to take place.

Looking forward in 2021 and beyond Hybrid Events appear set to bridge the gap with small in person distanced gatherings on a set with remote contributors from across the world.

Having done multiple Hybrid Events this year and in the past we look forward to combining our experience of both remote and in person live broadcast production again throughout 2021 and beyond.

A professionally shot studio adds tremendous production value to an event and brings it to life.

How it works

From our socially distanced office we can take in simultaneous contributions from hundreds of remote speakers without the need for them to travel as well as high quality broadcast feeds from a studio set or conference with a small number of socially distanced in person participants.

We test and troubleshoot each remote participant's connection, webcam and audio before the live appearance to ensure the highest quality result on the day.

We send a small minimal on-site team to the venue to rig the equipment there - making use of technology such as remote controlled robotic cameras where possible.

We can bring in remote guest contributors up on a screen for an in-person host to interact with as well as professionally mix between feeds as in a normal live television production.

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