Launching Event TV Lite at Speciality and Fine Foods Fair

Event TV has been one of our key (and most exciting) specialisms here at Silverstream TV for some time now, and as our customer base grows, we’ve been offering various packages to ensure that the unique energy of every event we do is captured and shared in the best possible way.

Enter Event TV Lite, a new service designed especially for events where the scale and live nature of full Event TV isn’t necessarily required.

Event TV Lite consists of a flexible channel which can stream a variety of content, including ads, video content, automated digital signage and our live TwitterWall. In a similar way to Event TV, our team of camera crews and presenters can record a series of captivating content early in the event which can be added to the channel and played across a network of screens across the event. The channel can be managed through our very own in-house software.

The Speciality and Fine Foods Fair 2016 in London’s Olympia was the perfect opportunity for us to launch this brand new offering. We supplied our screens throughout the venue and streamed a variety of content across the screens. 

Here’s Event Director Soraya Gadelrab talking about the value it bought to the show.