Cheltenham Festival Preview

We helped Coral to build their brand presence online by streaming their preview event live on Facebook.

"Silverstream helped us to deliver quality content cost-effectively to an engaged audience who had tuned in specifically for the broadcast, allowing us to enhance our brand reputation as well as communicating marketing offers during the broadcast"

Simon Clare - Coral

The Challenge

We’ve worked with Ladbroke’s Coral since 2015 to live broadcast their Cheltenham Festival Preview event. In 2017 we changed it up by streaming directly into a brand new platform for Coral - Facebook Live.

Facebook has been championing live video with the development of their Live platform, giving such content extra visibility in the rankings and prioritisation on news feeds. With a Facebook page audience of almost 300k, Coral were keen to use this as their key platform to deliver content directly to these engaged followers. Their Cheltenham Festival Preview panel event was the perfect opportunity.

What We Did

With our team of camera ops, director and streaming engineer, we delivered a multi-camera live production of the event which was broadcast straight to Coral’s Facebook page. The stream allowed high quality content to be delivered to a committed audience and enabled Coral to enhance their customer and brand experience, as well as communicating various marketing and trading offers.

Prior to the stream we live streamed trailers to alert their Facebook audience to the upcoming event and attract a bigger audience on the day.

The stream received 18k views during the live broadcast and thousands more were able to catch up on demand (and hopefully make a few bob on the horses that were tipped!). We also shared shorter video clips summarising all the top tips, rounding off a comprehensive social video strategy for the event.

Watch the stream here

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